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The Cost of Remediation

How much does mold or asbestos removal cost?

Mold and Asbestos removal costs vary depending on the location, size and complexity of the project. Get an inspection and quote from the certified experts at got mold?™ and dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

Finding mold or asbestos can be frightening. You may wonder how long your air quality has been compromised, and if your health, or that of your family or employees, is at risk. The costs of mold and asbestos removal and remediation can vary depending on the location of the project, the size and severity of the contamination, and the complexity of reaching and remediating the hazardous material.

Low mold or asbestos inspection fee

The good news is that mold and asbestos removal doesn’t have to be expensive. An accurate mold test looks for mold in the air, on surfaces and in bulk materials, while an asbestos test takes samples of the materials to be tested. The initial inspection cost is a flat $195, and if you choose the got mold?™ team for removal and remediation, we will credit the entire $195 fee to your final invoice.

The total cost of removing mold or asbestos

The total cost to remove and remediate mold or other hazardous materials from your home or commercial space depends on the location and size of the project and its complexity. Once we determine the following information, we can give you an accurate quote and have you on your way to cleaner, fresher air:

Based on our experience, most small mold removal projects cost around $1000. Because of the complexity associated with asbestos removal, including doffing and shower requirements for our team, these types of more hazardous projects typically cost a minimum of $1500.

At got mold?™, our main goal is to get you breathing fresh, clean indoor air. For a quote on mold or asbestos testing or inspection, contact the got mold?™ team with information on the location, size and complexity of your project.

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