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mold & moisture inspection prior to purchasing a home.

The got mold?™ team was working on a project in Regina where a young couple just purchased a new to them home. Almost a year after purchasing it, and in a very dry year, mold started to appear in a storage room of the basement.  

We started the mold removal and as we opened up the wall cavities, asbestos containing vermiculite was identified. The vermiculite was used to insulate the joist pockets. The vermiculite poured out onto the floor in trace amounts. As always, we had proper controls in place with containment, negative pressure HEPA filtration, and HEPA vacuums.  

Once all insulation was removed, we found what appeared to have been a quick fix patch job of the foundation. Vertical and horizontal cracks that had been “sealed”, but not fully sealed from the inside, was allowing water to enter the basement.  

Unfortunately, it was found that the mold continued into adjacent rooms, including the furnace room and the entire basement may have needed to be gutted.

When buying a home, it is required to have a home inspection to obtain a loan. Home inspectors are experts in their field, but they are not experts in mold and asbestos. When thinking about buying a home, contact us, for we are experts at finding and fixing sources of unhealthy indoor air and will provide a thorough report, so you can be confident with your purchase.

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