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Why Pre-Purchase Mold Inspections Are Crucial

Below is a story of a got mold?™ Professional Mold Inspection conducted for a family in Regina. This family’s story shows the importance of hiring a Certified Inspector to conduct a pre-purchase mold inspection before purchasing a home.

A young couple just starting a family, found a home they liked located in South Regina, so they hired a home inspector to conduct a pre-purchase home inspection.

Everything looked good according to the home inspector. No mold or water damage issues were noted in the supplied report. Basing their decision solely on this provided home inspection report, they purchased the home.

Once they moved in they saw indications that mold was present and called got mold?™. Our team arrived and performed our mold inspection. The findings were a surprise to the new homeowners as they felt like they had done their due diligence by hiring a home inspector.

Home Inspectors are Not Mold Inspectors

The findings from our inspection found during the got mold?™ certified mold inspection shows how home inspectors are not mold-inspectors and can miss key indicators that mold is present. Home inspectors can miss things that our inspectors can find during their inspection of a building, most notably problem areas for moisture damage or moisture intrusion points

The areas of the home that were affected by mold were the basement, flooring, baseboards and in the bathroom.

Our moisture meters show that moisture content and at risk for moisture content on all exterior walls of the basement.

Moisture Meter

The issues in this basement found by the got mold?™ inspection is quite obvious with baseboards that are warped and swelling from moisture damage. Warped baseboards are a clear sign of moisture damage issues in a home as the wood loses its structural integrity from excess moisture over time.

Mold in carpet

On the opposite side of the shower, there is obvious swelling and moisture damage on the drywall.

Moisture Meter in Shower Pan

The white fluffy stuff on the concrete is salt that is migrating to the surface of the porous concrete. This is an indication of moisture intrusion.

mold in vents

Not knowing these issues when buying a home can lead to costly repairs for moisture damage after a real estate purchase. The certified mold inspectors at got mold?™ help to ensure potential home buyers and homeowners are aware of any potential issues before investing into a home purchase.

got mold?™ Mold Inspection Services

If you suspect mold in your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building contact the got mold?™ team at 1.888.909.MOLD [6653] or use our contact form to Talk to the Pros.

We offer mold inspection services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

We have completed more than 7000+ projects since 2009. Check out what our customers have to say about our services at Trusted Pros.

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