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Mold Testing
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Mold Testing

Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe from dangerous levels of mold in your home

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2 professional indoor air quality tests for mold
Air quality assessment for mold in your home or business
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Are you experiencing these symptoms?

Some people with allergies or asthma will notice improvements in symptoms when they leave the contaminated area overnight or a few days. Their symptoms will typically return when the re-enter the area

Irritating eyes, nose, throat
Fatigue and weakness
Cough & Congestion
Flu-Like Symptoms
Aggravation of Asthma
Bleeding Lungs
Light Headed or Dizzy
Skin Rashes, Hives
We Collect Accurate Results

Hiring an experienced professional will always lead to the most accurate results.

Our latest reviews

Lyle from Got Mold? came out to inspect our home for a mold issue we were having on our ceiling. He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to carefully explain the cause of the mold as well as draw a diagram of what was causing the problem.

Judy Klassen

Satisfied Customer

We had to have quite a major mold abatement job done on our basement and were very happy with the team at Got Mold from the initial inspection/testing all the way through the abatement work and cleanup.

Kelly Tremblay

Satisfied Customer

I have a very high regard for this company. They gave prompt and superlative service! It was best anybody had done! Lyle from Got Mold? was calm and took immediate action when my kitchen had water leaking from somewhere.

Janet Nattress

Satisfied Customer

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Mold testing can not only confirm whether or not you have mold growth in your home but can also identify the specific species of mold, giving you definitive information about its potential toxicity and the associated impact on the health and wellness of those using the space.

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Mold Testing

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